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Our homes are situated in the ancient town of Manciano which rises on the top of a hill open to the four winds with a breathtaking view in all directions: from the Amiata to the Fiora Valley, from Talamone to the beaches of Montalto di Castro, from the Argentario to the islands of Giglio and Montecristo. Manciano extends for 37,203 square kilometers in a hilly zone situated between the valleys of Albegna and Fiora. It is thought that the town’s name derives from the patrician Roman family name of Mancia who owned a large area of property called “Praedium Mancianum.” At one time, Manciano was a fairly important market town for the area. Its stronghold already recorded in the 12th century. A brief occupation by Siena (1419-1455) left the town an imposing fortress built around 1424. The first mention of the Manciano castle is found in a privilege emanated in 1188 by Pope Clemente III in favor of the Church of Sovana. In that area, it was already subjugated to the AldoBrandeschi Dominion and in 1274 with the act of division of the Aldobrandesca County; it was assigned to the Branch of the Counts of Sovana.

Manciano is in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma with the enchanting seaside villages of Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole only 30 minutes away. The natural heritage of the Maremma are also present which make a natural unicum of rare beauty from winter skiing on Monte Amiata to the most enchanting coastline of the Tirreno Sea which takes its name from the ancient inhabitants of the Maremma: The Etruscans. Here we are in the heart of ancient Etruria.

The mysterious Etruscan culture flourished in this precious area that left us millions of signs of their fascinating civilization. Agriculture is the main activity. Typical products are traditionally squeezed olive oil, wines and cheeses with pecorino cheese being the most common. You can find tastes of the past which find their exaltation in the traditional kitchen.

Manciano is a small town with a big atmosphere. The first week of May sees local cheese tasting in the “Mercatino del Centro Storico” together with the enticingly named “Merenda Maggiolina.” The strawberry festival takes place at the end of the month. Early September is the “Festa delle Cantine” which celebrates the local wine. It starts with a traditional night torch parade on horseback. Go into mid October for “Incontrimuci a tavola con i funghi” or local mushroom harvest and mid December for “Seguendo un filo d’ olio” or the presentation of the new extra virgin olive oil.

Beyond Manciano are the medieval hill towns of Saturnia, considered by some to be the cradle of Italian civilization, with an Etruscan Roman and medieval past. However, even more than its history, this area is known for its world class spa, “Terme di Saturnia” and for its hot sulfur springs which have been gushing since the Roman period with a constant temperature of 99.5 degrees F.

So as you can see, even though we love Firenze, Siena and the Chianti, our land is the most serene, pristine and totally intoxicating. In other word:

Tuscany Resort bellissima


All of our visiting guests are charity benefit donors.